Whatever kind of material you need to cut: textiles, leather, technical materials, we are able to offer you the right solution for your exigencies, thanks to the different kinds of CAD/CAM systems that we can propose today to our customers and thanks to the cooperation that we have established with many important partners all around Europe.

Thanks to the experience gained during the years and our high technical know-how, we were able to design and realize our own leather managing and cutting system with water-jet technology, called KORIUM JET. But after this important result we did not stop: in collaboration with some important European partners, we also realized a blade leather cutting system called KORIUM, complete with scanning and nesting, in line with our policy of quality and design.

In 2004 we started a profitable cooperation with Aristo GmbH from Hamburg, a company established in 1862 as a producer of high precision measuring instruments and that for many years now has been specializing in the development of numeric control cutting systems, having both static and conveyor tables. These machines are particularly indicated for cutting gaskets, packaging, signs and technical textiles.

Blackman & White Ltd., is a company situated near London and it's our partner for big dimension, single layer cutting tables. The various cutting technologies they use (drag knife, pizza wheel, driven wheel, laser) allow these machines to be perfect for various industrial applications such as apparel, upholstery and technical materials.

Human Solutions GmbH developed a special technology that represents the future for the apparel industry. It's about a 3D system that, thanks to the laser technology, can save all measurements of the human body. Afterwards these will be managed through specific software in order to create made to measure garments.