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Body Scanner

Individual fashion – vertically integrated
System solution for computer-supported production of customized clothing!

Contemporary and top-quality individual production, linked with the shortest possible individual order finishing time spans, calls for a totally dependable software – one that supports the entire process chain, from the planning of the first collection to the final delivery of unique items of clothing.
Customized clothing means competence in measuring - it means converting individual measurements posture and personal characteristics of the customer into an item of clothing that doesn‘t only fit - it also clothes the customer in the best possible way - a true art in itself.
Shop solutions in vertical customized clothing concepts are subject to special conditions - being offered one or two individualization concepts simply isn‘t enough for the discerning customer. In the Shop, a request is born - for a one-off, individualized product of the highest possible quality - for an article that will be purchased at its own individual price and which will remain unique throughout its lifetime. The manufacturer must comply with this request in the shortest possible timeframe - and ultimately produce an absolutely individual item of clothing that exceeds even the highest expectations of the customer.

Success in customized clothing production is a special challenge for clothing manufacturers. BS-iTech is the right solution to reach this target

BS-iTech is a device for measurement of the human body based on an innovative 3-D scanning process fast that uses natural light structured projected digitally.

Thanks to its high speed, the acquisition process BS-iTech is insensitive to body movements and allows to detect anthropometric measures precise and accurate.

BS-iTech is design to ensure maximum acceptability by the user; it uses the projection of natural light and the cabin is permanently illuminated.

The digital projection of BS-iTech makes high solution 3-D and allows an infinite number of applications (creating a digital model of the human body, rapid prototyping of mannequins, virtual shopping, making tailoring the size of the automatic allocation dress size, statistics, etc..).

The software package BS-iTech also includes data processing tools that allow the construction of morphological 3-D database, to classify the anthropometric data and to obtain tables of sizes optimized on the basic of the population measured.