PRODUCTS - Leather cutting

Korium Waterjet

KoriumJet is a water jet system, specifically designed for managing the whole cutting process of leather. What the market needs today is a modular product, which is able to adapt to all specific exigencies: what we meant to realize is a versatile and flexible system, that aims at getting the best quality of production, a steady control of the data, together with extremely low maintenance costs. This way we can satisfy different sectors, from apparel to upholstery, from automotive to boat industry, from leather goods to leather shoes.

Beyond leather KoriumJet can offer complete solutions for the cutting of many kinds of materials, among which gaskets, laminates, technical textiles and materials.
KoriumJet is available in three versions: the first with only one cutting table and one cutting head; then the version with two tables and one head, and finally the big one which has got two tables and two waterjet heads. Depending on the specific needs of the Clients and the kind of production, there is the possibility to customize these measures. All above was made keeping a stable structure and a modern design. 

KoriumJet è un sistema estremamente semplice da utilizzare, personalizzabile grazie alla sua modularità, ed in grado di offrire al tempo stesso un’accuratezza di lavorazione di altissimo livello.

KoriumJet is extremely simple to use, customizable thanks to its modularity, and in the meantime it is able to offer a working accuracy at the highest level.

According to the Customer’s needs the system can be supplied in its on-line or off-line configuration.

Benefits of the system

• High modularity;
• Optimised and improved production;
• Reduced production costs;
• Constant data check and analysis;
• Very low waste;
• High cutting speed;
• Granted quality of the output;
• User-friendly and easy accessibility for operator;
• CE certified