PRODUCTS - Leather cutting

Korium Lama

The high demand from upholstery and furniture and the willing to offer a specific product have urged us to propose a versatile and flexible system suitable for all companies that want to have the maximum control of leather cutting, a high accuracy and a constant control of the production as well as a low maintenance cost but with a sturdy frame and a nice design.

Korium is so big to allow the spreading of two big leathers on it, so that the whole leather surface is visible on the cutting area. The working surface is equipped with a powerful sectioned suction system for a better locking of the leather on the surface. The whole cutting surface is lit by two high luminosity DLP projectors with wide-angle optic, that allow the whole area to be lit in the same time.
The system is equipped with a multi-tool cutting head, extremely reliable, easily removable and designed for an easy and quick maintenance. It is equipped with 4 tools: Oscillating Knife, Pen, Punch, Perforator. The cutting head guarantees the highest cutting quality on every kind of leather and thickness.

The energy consumption and maintenance costs are low. The operator has easily access to all sides of the system to position the leather and gather all cut pieces.
The system is built in accordance with CE regulation.
In line with our philosophy, Korium is an open system and completely interfaceable with all Cad systems in the market, through our interface software. Ergonomic and versatile, the system can be supplied as on-line or off-line version based on type of production.

Benefits of the system

• High degree of flexibility;
• Optimises and increases the productivity;
• Minimises costs;
• Reduces waste;
• High cutting speed;
• Standard output through a constant cutting quality;
• User-friendly for the operator with ergonomic working place;
• CE certified


• Maximum speed: 60 m/min
• Working area: 6200 x 2700 mm