PRODUCTS - Cutting of Textiles and Other Materials


Innovative, technically advanced and adaptable for almost any cutting task, MasterCut2100 is truly at the ‘ cutting edge’ of the industry.

The cutting tables are ruggedly engineered and available in multiples of 1,2 metres x 1 metres sections, up to a maximum (so far) of 4 metres x 260 metres.

Cutting speeds have now been increased further and 2 metres per second is perfectly feasible with many film and fabric products.

The MasterCut2100’s software can select appropriate blades on command from its 4-tool multihead with no mechanical changing: triangular razor edge tungsten carbide, circular blade, long stiletto razor edged hard steel and heavy duty hard steel. Other toll heads can be substituted for blades including rotary punch producing holes from 3 to 16 mm diameter, high-speed drill producing holes from 1 to 16 mm; pen device.
Optional tools: oscillating blade; drive pizza wheel.
The Z axis steers the cutting blade a full 360° tangentially to the shape being cut.

The MasterCut2100 makes the perfect platform for carrying a high power industrial laser. With laser power of up to 500 Watt and integrated fume extraction the Mastercut is the ideal solution for high speed cutting of fabric and sheet material.
The machine can be equipped with an onboard control system and touch screen computer. This allows an operator to select and run programs directly from the cutting head. The industrial touch screen makes it ideal for quick and efficient operation.

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Technical Data

• Standard Tools: fixed knife, pizza-wheel blade, pen
• Optional tools: double head, laser cutting, oscillating knife, punch, router
• Table surface: vacuum system to fix the material and blowing system to remove material
• Working width:nfrom 1,5 to 4 m
• Working length min.: 2,24 m
• Working length max: unlimited
• Max cutting speed: 2.000 mm/sec