PRODUCTS - Cutting of Textiles and Other Materials


Orion 2100 is a CNC-Automatic Cutter suitable for low and medium production and it has been recently renewed under different aspects. The original plotter Orion of Blackman & White has for many years been the benchmark machine for light to medium duty cutting of textile and sheets materials.
The benefits of this restyling are immediately apparent. The new Orion 2100 is much simpler for the operator to use and afford more control. It is faster in operation, especially in the processing and cutting of complex shapes and its reliability has been significantly enhanced. It has been upgraded including stiffer frame and beam, new drive components and a completely new computer control system. This design is renowned in the industry for its reliability and incredible adaptability to a wide range of industrial cutting tasks.

This is an economical, reliable and adaptable cutting machine that is designed for a dual duty: it can plot with a pen on any kind of flat surface material and it can be equipped with a fixed blade tool head that will cut fabrics such as sailcloth, upholstery, fibrous composites, PVC, nylon and many more up to 3 mm thickness.
Plotting and cutting speeds have been accelerated up to nearly 1 m/sec depending on the material to be cut and complexity of shapes. It is this combination of power, soundness and reliability that has accounted for the success of this model in such a wide range of industrial cutting application.

Orion uses an advanced stepper drive and control system without affecting the high precision and speed of the machine as well as a range of safety devices which can be easily used by the operator. The linear rail and bearing system makes the machine simple to extend at a later date when required.

Technical Data

• Tools: fix knife, round knife, pen
• Table surface: vacuum system to fix the material and blowing system to remove material
• Working width: from 1,5 to 3 m
• Working length min.: 1,67 m
• Working length max: 15 m
• Max Cutting speed: 900 mm/sec