CAD Vision

Pat Scan is a scanning system for patterns that allows hi-res acquisition of the shapes in a very accurate and fast way (much quicker than a normal digitizer). Pat Scan is easy to use and does not need any particular preparing of the patterns, because the operator just has to position them on the scanning surface and the camera, which is on the frame above the table, takes the picture. Through an efficient algorithm the software is able to recognize automatically all the details such as contours, lines, corners.

Thanks to its large table, it is possible to position also big patterns, made of various materials (paper, carton, plastic, etc.)

After that it is possible to insert, move, add or cancel lines or notches on the scanned image, or make any modification on the patterns. The user can determine the qualità zones on the patterns. The system is supplied with personal computer and software license.

Dimensions: scanning table 1,5 x 2,25 meters
Compatibility with many CAD systems and plotters on the market
Export of DXF files

Pat Scan 02 Pat Scan 03 Pat Scan 04